Condition -Woman-

Tomb  Praying at the tomb of Fatima in Damascus, Syria She  Morning in the rice fields in Cambodia me  Happy Cactus, lucky to be a woman and being able to wander the world at the same time! Hair  A Bangladeshi girl in a Georgian village Tray  A tray on a refrigerator in an Armenian household in Georgia Diagnose  Facing the diagnosis for the child. Adjarian young mother with her daughter in Georgia.
Photograph  Georgian couple a century ago Feet  Wedding night in a small village in Turkey Couple  A portrait of a couple in Armenia DSCN2555  Office in Georgia DSCN2531  In the streets of Tbilisi, Georgia DSCN2560  Adjarian lady
DSCN2568  Adjarian girl DSCN2610  Adjarian lady Up  An Azeri lady in Georgia High  An everyday scene on the street of Tbilisi, Georgia Topless  Dummies in Damascus, Syria DSCN2646
Tears  Praying for Fatima. Damascus, Syria Blue  A wedding party in a small village in Turkey. Women and men celebrate separately Window  A house of Azeri people in Georgia, decorated with posters of women Focus  On a ferry in Istanbul, Turkey Dust  An everyday scene in Georgia, where mainly women take care of the household. Often men are unemployed and spend their days in leisure while women continue to work at home and outside. Pikria went finally to work to Turkey illegally in order to support her two children. Bags  A Kurdish woman resting from carrying loads in Diyarbakir, Turkey
Morning  An encounter in a Kurdish village in Turkey black sea II Greens  In a market in a small village in central Anatolia, Turkey Direction  In a street of Tbilisi, Georgia Hands  In Adjarian Muslim mountain village in Georgia Nevroz  Nevroz celebration in Diyarbakir, Turkey
Soup  Collective soup making in central Anatolia, Turkey Bowls  In a Kurdish village in Turkey Simple  A Kurdish woman in Turkey Bath  Bathing in the Black Sea, Turkey Folded  Her son died a day ago.Cambodia. Spirit Wrestler Veteran  Spirit wrestlers are known as pacifist sect. To my surprise this lady posed for me with her medals for her military service during the WW II. Gorelovka, Georgia
Sleep  A scene in Tbilisi, Georgia Green  Sisters mourning about mothers death in a small Muslim village in Adjaria, Georgia Steam  An Adjarian woman Empanadas  Delia making empanadas, Cuba Sun  In a village along Mekong, Cambodia Wall  A stencil on a wall of West Bank. I was stopped making this picture by an Israeli tank approaching and announcing through the loudspeakers that I should seize photographing
Walk  A strolling lady in Batumi, Georgia Friend  An Adjarian woman, Georgia Smoke  A cigarette break during the Nevroz celebration in Diyarbakir, Turkey Bag Socks DSCN8622
Red  A scene in a station of Zugdidi, Georgia 'Used Car Parts' ert (208) she II Wool Funk
neighbor R001-015 Joke DSCN2489 2 Walk II Tina su panduri
Business  Old lady selling snacks in the port of Batumi, Georgia Snow  Adjarian lady in a mountain village